Manchester City, PSG, Liverpool, Real and Munich are above Tottenham

Manchester City, PSG, Liverpool, Real and Munich are above Tottenham


Tottenham, which is spending the summer transfer market hotly, has surpassed the club’s value of 1 trillion won.

Spain’s official SNS of soccer statistics media “Transfer Markt” announced the top 10 clubs with the highest team value as of the 3rd.

Tottenham’s ranking, where Son Heung-min is active, was noticeable. In January 2022, Tottenham’s value remained in ninth.

At that time, the team’s total ransom was estimated at 643 million euros. It wasn’t the highest level in the world, but it was high enough.

After the season, Tottenham performed well, raising the overall value of the team.

In addition, the team’s ransom has increased further this summer as it recruited Ivan Perisic, Yves Bissuma, Hishalisson and Fraser Foster in the transfer market.

Tottenham are now approaching the highest level in the world.

Now, Tottenham’s club value has reached 759 million euros. Tottenham’s total ransom exceeded 1 trillion won.

It has increased by more than 100 million euros in just six months. The ranking also jumped three notches to sixth place.

Tottenham ranked higher than Chelsea, which recorded 730 million euros. The value of the team is expected to increase further because Tottenham is moving to recruit more players.

There were only five clubs above Tottenham. No. 1 Manchester City was the only team in the world to break a billion euros. 코인파워볼

Second place was Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are active. PSG was estimated at 896 million euros.

It was followed by Liverpool with 885 million euros. Fourth place was European champion Real Madrid, and fifth place was German powerhouse Bayern Munich.

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