Maserati Develops ‘Project 24’ for Track Only

Maserati Develops ‘Project 24’ for Track Only


Maserati announced on the 28th that it will develop “Project 24,” a track-only super sports car that will raise the brand’s performance to a new level. It is produced in a limited number of 62 vehicles worldwide.

Project 24 is an extreme track-only vehicle, which inherits the Maserati MC20, but also has higher technical specifications. It added a new turbocharger to its latest V6 Netuno engine and increased its output to 740 horsepower. It has innovative suspension, carbon ceramic brake systems and tires tuned for racing, and FIA approved safety features.

In addition, it focused on lightening the body weight and achieved the result that the weight was about 1.69 kg/hp compared to the output of the target weight of 1,250 kg or less.

Designed by Centro Stile Maserati, Project 24 wanted to break away from the constraints of racing vehicles and show a combination of true beauty and sportiness.

Project 24, which will be a symbol of luxury and speciality of Maserati, will provide services such as track-specific experiences and cutting-edge support to purchased owners in the future.

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