Misa Yuki Missy from debut to right before retirement in 2009

Misa Yuki

Misa Yuki

Date of Birth: 1979-10-01
Height: 154 cm
Body size: B87 / W59 / H85
Cup Size: D Cup
Debut: Debut in February of 10

Missy from debut to right before retirement in 2009

An actor who has always ranked top among MILF-affiliated AV actors.

She was already a married woman even before her debut.

And in 2010, it made a name for itself in the field of breast milk.

In January 2015, she retired due to childbirth.

However, Misa Yuki is an actress who repeatedly retires and returns.

Maybe we’ll come back with a breastfeeding?

The appearance is quite even, and the overall balance is so tight that it takes a fist-pasting.

And even though he’s old, he even plays Shiofuki! However, it was short-lived, typical micro-family, and its popularity briefly plummeted thanks to rapid aging.

However, the lower body and hips are so strong and the acting ability is good, so it is popular among the maniacs. 안전놀이터

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