Netflix “Umbrella Academy” and commercial model

Netflix “Umbrella Academy” and commercial model


Season 3 of “Umbrella Academy,” which is said to be a successful SF genre along with “Stranger Stories,” has been released. It is a story of the Umbrella Family, a family of superpowers born on the same day around the world, with less than a blood mixture that prevents the world from collapsing with a work produced by Universal Content Production, which operates a competing platform, Pico. It is said to prevent the collapse of the world, but it causes a bigger world collapse, and in their time, it is a month’s story, but it prevents three large world destruction over the course of season three, moving decades. Watching the “Umbrella Academy” that prevents the collapse of families and the world, Netflix came to mind. Maybe it’s because Netflix’s current situation is not that good. Netflix recently cut 300 employees at offices in Asia, Europe, and South America, following North America. Personally, season 4 of “Stranger Things,” which I think is the best season since season 1, has not achieved Netflix’s turnaround.

Netflix reportedly met Google and Comcast in Cannes to introduce an advertising model. Hulu is the only video platform in the United States that succeeded by mixing advertisements starting with a paid model. The reason why Hulu was able to mix with advertisements was due to the huge influx of TV content that poured out every day. In order for Netflix to succeed in the U.S., it is necessary to increase the number of contents received from movies and broadcasting companies in all directions, not original works that come out several times a month. The advertising model is different from the paid model. You can succeed only by looking at a lot. Daily content should be more than hero content, allowing viewers to increase “Session Hours” (time spent on incoming content). In other words, it should be made to be “let’s see for now,” not “I don’t know what to see.” Considering the story that Netflix, which advocated TV that could be seen anytime, anywhere without advertisements, could survive only when it was TV, was media innovation still needed more time? 토토추천

Even if Netflix’s rebound in the second half is in the same competitive structure as Universal Content Production, it has no choice but to expect a production company that can make a good work because of Netflix’s fate to continue to present well-made content to viewers. This is because the advertising model can work only when the user watches it.

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