Rin Sakuragi 桜木凛 Japanese AV actress

Rin Sakuragi

Rin Sakuragi

Date of birth: 1989-03-03
Height: 158 cm
Body size: B83 / W57 / H82
Cup Size: C Cup
Debut: August 2008 Debut

Japanese AV actress

She made her debut exclusively at KUKI in 2007 and moved to Premium in 2009 before taking a short break in 2011 due to health problems.

Then, in 2013, she returned to the tradition of the United States of America.This is where the potential exploded.

In the U.S., it appealed with its charming sensuality, color, and cute image, and its reputation improved.

Even from the debut until now, the face itself is a cute image, but there are many works with a dental concept, which is slightly contrary to the cute image concept.

Sakuragi Lin’s works often show that her cute-looking sister seduces a slightly innocent and clumsy-looking man to make her feel like she is leading sex.

But it’s not a reverse rape concept, but a concept that gives you the feeling of an older sister who knows everything.

Although she has a cute face, she is popular because she has a pervert sister concept that knows everything inside, giving her a strange feeling.

Since it is such a concept, Sakuragi Lin’s work is characterized by the characteristics of Sakuragi Lin’s work, and Sakuragi Lin often has sex with only the other actor naked.

And in terms of clothes, men don’t take off women’s clothes, but Sakuragirin takes off men’s clothes.

Of course, Sakuragirin does not completely undress every time.

Usually, there are several sex scenes in AV works, about half of which are dressed and the other half are naked.

However, the actor is naked in every sex scene.

In particular, most of the works are masterpieces, which are covered with red lipstick and emphasized sexiness.

She was also a member of Ebisu Mascats, an idol group composed of 25 AV actors.

To be exact, she is the second-generation member and was active for four years until it was disbanded in 2013.

Rin Sakuragi retired in the spring of 2017. 안전놀이터

It is a concept that is often seen in the industry, such as ‘real married woman’ and ‘a graduate of prestigious university’.

She also said that the reason for her retirement was to work in underwear design.

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