Rui Saotome 早乙女ルイJapanese AV actress

Rui Saotome

Rui Saotome

Date of birth: 1988-06-26
Height: 153 cm
Body size: B85 / W57 / H82
Cup Size: D Cup
Debut: Debut in October,

Japanese AV actress She is always mentioned when talking about AV actors with pretty faces with doll-like appearance.

She made her debut in October 2007.

Many people initially expected it because it had fair skin and was one of the prettiest AV actors,
but it was not a big hit in the local area due to its lack of acting skills and weak agency’s push.

Fans were sorry for the frequent appearance of the work, such as the planned production of several people rather than the solo lead.

Rui Saotome starred as the long-awaited No. 1 actor in Prestige’s popular series りたい放題,
which became an important work that inspired people to see Saotomerui’s beauty.

Even now, there are occasional posts on the web asking for the actor’s name in the capture photo of this video.

First of all, because his acting skills are very poor, she shines in works that do not require much acting skills,
such as たたい放題, but in general works, he is simply terrible.

Her tone as if she were reading a Korean book is a problem, but her expression is not diverse and her acting is all the same.

But she says she’s confident in acting! I’m good at ad-libs.

In April 2011, she made her CD debut as a member of OFA ☆ 21. 코인파워볼

Not long after her debut, many people started filming wild things and expected him to retire soon, but she retired in 2012 after unexpectedly persistent activities.

I think She was able to endure it for a long time because of She strong appearance.

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