Shino Aoi 碧しの(篠めぐみ) Japanese AV actress

Shino Aoi

Shino Aoi

Date of birth: 1990-09-08
Height: 163 cm
Body size: B80 / W58 / H85
Cup Size: A Cup
Debut: August 2009 Debut

Japanese AV actress

Shino Aoi left many works mainly in the hard line.

Her face is a cute young face, but she is not a beauty, and her body is also Bin Yu, but she was active in acting, prolific, and hard-core genres.

This actor’s acting ability is the highest among av actors.

She also took many pictures of her elderly mother.

On the Japanese AV sales site, Shino Aoi also published a planning article to appreciate and evaluate other works.

It is a unique article in that it talks about the appreciation and evaluation of the work from the perspective of an AV actress.

She is said to be the president who runs a business after retirement.

It is said that it is large enough to hire employees, but it is not known exactly what kind of business it is doing.

Although she thought she had stepped out of the industry, she appeared in FC2 amateur productions.

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