The crown that has been called the symbol of Toyota.

The crown that has been called the symbol of Toyota.Will it be put into the Korean market?


Toyota is reportedly seriously considering the introduction of the new Crown into the Korean market, drawing keen attention.

An official from Toyota Korea said in a telephone interview with a daily reporter on the 18th, “We are reviewing whether to put the 16th generation crown unveiled by Toyota into the Korean market.”

“Toyota has always considered (what new cars to put into the Korean market) for all models produced so far,” he said. “We are also considering Crown for now, but we have no plans to release them in the Korean market.”

Crown, which has evolved over 16 generations and is called Toyota’s iconic model, has strengthened its lineup with sedans, hatchbacks, crossover, and wagons (SUV).

Crowns have been sold only in the Japanese domestic market so far, but analysts say that Toyota brands are likely to enter the Korean market as their basic strategy is to expand their sales channels in the future and introduce them in the global market, including North America.

Toyota’s TNGA-K latest platform is applied to the crown crossover type, which introduced the advantages of sedans and SUVs in line with market trends. The body size is 4930mm in length, 1840mm in width, 1540mm in height, and the wheel base is 2,850mm.

The flexible loop line reminiscent of a four-door coupe stands out, and the rear design emphasized by simplicity stands out with a more sporty bumper.

Wireless Android and Apple CarPlay are supported, and convenience of operation has also been increased with electronic gear levers, C-type USB terminals, and wireless charging pads. Convenience equipment such as ventilation seats, 360-degree surround cameras, and automatic parking are also supported.

Crown’s high-performance version of HYBLID MAX is equipped with two electric motors in a 2.4-liter turbo engine, with a maximum system output of 340 horsepower.

On top of that, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 (TSS 3.0), an emergency braking system that can recognize vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, even stationary objects, adaptive cruise control that supports stop and restart, auto high beam, square and rear warning, and active driver assistance (ADAS) are applied.

The sales price of the new crown is 4.35 million to 6.05 million yen (about 41.5 million to 57.8 million won) depending on the model of each trim.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s brand aims to sell 200,000 units annually in the global market by releasing sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons sequentially by 2024 following the crossover crown. Analysts say that there is a considerable possibility of launching in the Korean market.

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