The Tottenham completion that Kane wanted so much…

The Tottenham completion that Kane wanted so much…


Tottenham is now considered to be a threat to Manchester City and Liverpool’s two-way race.

“Antonio Conte’s Tottenham transfer business will put Manchester City and Liverpool in danger,” Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler wrote in a post on the “Mirror” on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). Harry Kane and Tottenham look like completely different teams from a year ago. “I think we can have an expected season,” he said, adding, “I expected Tottenham to have a successful 2022-23 season.

This assessment is not just from Fowler. In the transfer market this summer, Tottenham moved busier than any of the big six in the Premier League. There is still about a month left until the deadline for the transfer market, but Tottenham has brought six players. Starting with Ivan Perisic, Yves Bisuma, Hisalisson, Clemang Langle, and Jed Spence are resources to establish themselves as starting players for the upcoming season.

Tottenham ranked fourth in the EPL last season, but its dependence on Son Heung-min and Kane was still high. Tottenham’s task this summer was to lower its dependence on Kane and Son Heung-min as the two players suffered injuries once as they played the season and were overworked every season. To date, this work has been done very successfully.

In response, Fowler said, “This summer Tottenham brought the player that Conte wanted, and relieved Kane. Kane seems to like to stay right now. This is because you can see that there is a good team around you. Tottenham are obviously a team with good qualities. There is also a very threatening partnership between Kane and Son Heung-min,” he said, praising Tottenham’s performance very highly.

Now, what Tottenham is aiming for is a trophy. It must be an opportunity to present the championship to fans who have been suffering from military service for 15 consecutive seasons. Manchester City and Liverpool are still strong, but other rival teams are not very good at the moment. Chelsea, which was third in the league, is shaking so much that even Thomas Tuchel is worried, and Manchester United is a new start for Eric Ten Hach’s system. Arsenal also moved actively in the transfer market, but it is evaluated that it is less powerful than Tottenham.

It will not be easy to surpass Liverpool and Manchester City in the league, but you can aim for victory in tournament competitions. Last season, Tottenham also performed well in the league with two wins against Manchester City and two draws against Liverpool.

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