Tia ティア a Japanese AV actress Debut in June 2012



Date of Birth: 1991-09-23
Height: 159 cm
Body size: B98 / W59 / H88
Cup Size: H Cup
Debut: Debut in June 2012

a Japanese AV actress

Originally a fashion model, she made her AV debut under the stage name “Kurokawa Meisa” in 2010.

She was mainly active as a mother in a minor genre, but her popularity was not good.

At that time, she hair was black and she concept was like a queen, so she took a lot of genres that she liked.

After that, she gave birth to a single mother during the period of disappearance and worked as an amateur under the name of Asama Aris in 2011 to raise her child
After plastic surgery and dyeing her face, she changed her exclusive company to E-BODY after signing with Mainz in 2012 and re-debuted with the concept of “Southern Beauty.”

However, the new name, Tia, is quite common, so it is quite difficult to find the video simply under the name “Tia.”

The popularity was modest because of its exotic face and the size of the amazing number of H Cups, 98.

She moved from E-BODY to S1 and continued to release new films.

Rumors circulated that she would move to Moody’s or SOD, but surprisingly, she returned to E-BODY.

As a sideline, she works for the famous Kabakurine Red Dragon, and surprisingly appeared on African television.

On September 10, 2017, she underwent plastic surgery at the Maternal Plastic Surgery Hospital in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea.

It is no exaggeration to say that she has virtually retired after 2017.

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