Yang Yoseob apologized, “I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Yang Yoseob apologized, “I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Yang Yoseob

Yang Yoseob, a member of the group HILIGHT, apologized to fans who must have felt some relative deprivation.

On the 30th of last month, Yang Yo-seop apologized to some fans who felt deprived in the process of communication through SNS.

“I wanted to go around the open chat room with many people last night and communicate with them,” he said. “In the process, I made a few rooms myself, or my actions in a specific group made someone feel relatively deprived.”

He then said, “I always went to a place where there were a large number of people and I felt like I was the only one who communicated unilaterally, but time later found out that the problem of my behavior that made someone feel that way and that my thoughts were too short.”

Yang Yo-seop apologized, saying, “I’m sorry to many people who must have felt various emotions and been offended by this.” He added, “I will think more carefully, think more deeply, and act in the future.” 코인파워볼

Earlier, Yang Yo-seop directly communicated with some fans through an open chat room on the afternoon of the 29th.

In the process, he was suspected of socializing with some fans. Internet users who saw this responded, “I don’t know what Yang Yo-seop did wrong,” “What happened while trying to communicate with fans,” “It must have been a good intention, but I don’t know why I should apologize.”

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