Yui Uehara 上原結衣 a Japanese AV actress

Yui Uehara

Yui Uehara

Date of Birth: 1989-10-10
Height: 156 cm
Body size: B82 / W58 / H82
Cup Size: C Cup
Debut: Debut in June of 10 years

a Japanese AV actress

Among AV actors, their appearance is quite pretty.

It’s a shame that the body has a small chest, but the hips and pelvis are very good.

She made her debut in Max-A. Because of this, there were many anti-thefts.

Steady activities in the nanny and then discontinued.

Then, it seemed to be on the rise in popularity after returning to uncensored, but it has disappeared after being suspended again in 2014.

After moving to SOD, her appearance evaluation was bad, but as there was little difference in cover shots and videos after his debut,
it can be said that she saw more light in uncensored. 코인파워볼

In addition, there are many people who are confused with Ai Uehara after reading only “Uehara” because their names are completely different from Ai Uehara.

Yui Uehara was unintentionally tricked by reading that Yui Uehara took the old mother because she took the old mother even before Uehara took the old mother.

Utara Koharu seems to be bisexual, seeing that she lived and dated an AV actress.

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