Julius Irving : “Favorite player is Kawhi Leonard.”

Julius Irving : “Favorite player is Kawhi Leonard.”

Julius Irving

Irving’s choice was Leonard.

“Dr. J” Julius Irving recently selected Kawhi Leonard of the LA Clippers as his favorite player in an interview with local media.

“Kawaii Leonard is definitely my favorite NBA player,” Irving said.

Irving has emerged as one of the best players in history, crossing the ABA and NBA. Irving’s heyday was in Philadelphia.

He played 11 seasons in Philadelphia, averaging 22.0 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3.9 assists. In the process, Irving also led the team to the 1983 Final.

Literally legend Irving has been watching Leonard, the same small forward position, for a position. Irving, who is also a fan of Tim Duncan, often watched San Antonio games. Then, Leonard, who played as San Antonio’s young gun, caught Irving’s eye.

However, Irving and Leonard didn’t have many chances to meet separately.

Irving said, “I really respect Leonard. But I’ve never sat down with him for lunch or dinner. I saw Leonard at the great 75-person event selected by the NBA. I like watching Leonard play best. I’m not sure if he’s heard this story.”

Most of the players who became superstars grew up with help from their own mentors. Irving’s mentor was Bill Russell.

Irving said, “Bill Russell was like my mentor. I met Russell in college. He gave me a touch of friendship. Whenever I was with Russell, I tried to gain his knowledge. I thought I could naturally learn a lot if I tried to get information by asking Russell various questions.”

Irving rose to legend with Russell’s advice. Now he also hopes to serve as a mentor like Russell. Irving especially wanted to have Leonard, his favorite player, as his mentee.

Attention is focusing on whether Irving and Leonard will be able to meet.

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