Kevin Durant, we’re trying to lower the value of the trade to leave the team

Kevin Durant, we’re trying to lower the value of the trade to leave the team

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, 33, of the Brooklyn Nets, said he would not hesitate to do anything to lower the value of the trade.

NBA’s skillful reporter Mark Stein reported on the morning of the 16th (Korea Standard Time) that “We are keeping an eye on the Durant trade.”

Stein said in early July during the NBA Summer League, one of the league executives said Durant was more likely to retire than to play for Brooklyn again.

Stein argued that he did not believe the executive’s words. He added that Durant thinks he likes and loves basketball, and that Durant’s retirement claims are exaggerated.

In addition, Stein predicts that Durant is creating an internal feud to make the trade easier and is likely to try to lower the value offered by Brooklyn.

According to Stein, Durant is expected to miss the training camp in September if no trade takes place this offseason.

In addition, Durant is expected to make the trade easier by being stubborn somehow regardless of his honor and lowering his value.

Currently, Durant is keen to be traded to the championship teams such as Phoenix, Miami, Boston and Philadelphia.

However, Brooklyn’s owner Joe Cha recently announced on his social networking service (SNS) that he would put the club’s interests first. This suggests the possibility that the Brooklyn front will send Durant to a place he doesn’t want.

Boston Celtics (Boston) is the only team that has been found to have given a clear proposal among teams that want Durant. And Brooklyn’s presentation to Boston showed the value of the Durant trade that Brooklyn wanted.

Brooklyn wants a young All-Star player, a major rotation player, a rotation player, and a bunch of first-round nominations as a benefit against the Durant trade. Brooklyn is trying to take care of the team’s future and present with the Durant trade.

As a result, the NBA club, which felt a lot of pressure, is only interested in the trade news as time goes by, but is not revealing its innermost thoughts.

Meanwhile, local fans responded by saying, “Durant only thinks ball is important,” “No one deals with Durant yet,” and “Durant is not likely to retire due to another paycheck on October 1st.”

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