Nicole, your six-pack made of bloody work…

Nicole, your six-pack made of bloody work…It’s so sexy that I can’t watch it


Nicole is a hot topic because she boasts perfect abs.

On the 4th, Ni-cole, a former member of the group Kara, posted a photo of herself on her Instagram, saying,

“My teacher put stars on my eyes today #SoChampion #UFO #YouFO,” along with an update.

The released photo shows Nicol wearing a stage costume and leaning against the wall, taking a proof shot. Nicol’s sexy abs exclaim the viewer.

Meanwhile, Nicol is making a solo comeback recently. The new song “YOU.F.O” is a title that has a dual meaning of “U.F.O” and “You will find our galaxy.” Nicol participated in the lyrics and captured the magical excitement of love.

Nicol is also appearing in “Skance Not Hocance” with Ye Ji-won, Soyou, Nicole, and Kang Ji-young.

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