Runa Shimotsuki 霜月るな a Japanese AV actress

Runa Shimotsuki

Runa Shimotsuki

Date of Birth: 1990-07-07
Height: 164 cm
Body Size: B85 / W60 / H88
Cup Size: C Cup
Debut: Debut in October, 2010

a Japanese AV actress

She is a Gyaru AV actress who debuted in September 2010.

Before her debut, she was said to have been an independent model.

And now Runa Shimotsuki have a side job as a DJ, fashion design, and stamp sales.

Uncensored works are also frequently released.

her recommendations

SOAN-074 , XRLE-025 , INSTC-287 , SUKE-122 , INSTC-249 , hgot-004 , 300ntk-205

FC2 PPV 2417513, 2411897 , urf-061

1pon 032319_825 , HEYZO-480 , HEYZO-0511 토토사이트

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