Shiori Kamisaki 神咲詩織 a Japanese AV actress

Shiori Kamisaki

Shiori Kamisaki

Date of Birth: 1990-08-25
Height: 161 cm
Body Size: B91 / W58 / H87
Cup Size: G Cup
Debut: Debut in March 2011

a Japanese AV actress

She is married to Japanese professional wrestler Kouki Iwasaki, and her real name is Shiori Iwasaki.

It is in 2020 that it is known that they will get married in Korea, and they will get married in 2021 and become the first year of marriage as of 2022.

An AV actor who debuted at KMP in 2011 and features the big chest of the G Cup of Tea Wars.

An actor who is characterized by having transferred a lot to the level of an exclusive agent in the AV industry.

Upon her debut, she was selected as a member of Million Girls 2011, and on February 11, 2012,
she debuted with Sakura Kokomi, Naruse Kokomi, Megui, and Maika as a five-member unit, me-me (mem).

Shiori Kamisaki is a member of the Ebisu mascots. She has a rough personality that doesn’t suit her cute face.

In particular, most of the fights within the mascots are kamisaki.

She is quite professional, but she often fights with members who act alone in the group.

She said she liked AV a lot even before her debut. She has been sneaking a peek at her parents’ AV since she was in fourth grade.

It is said that she was putting a doll in her pants in a backstabbing posture to imitate it.

She was dating 3 people until her debut as an AV actress.

She first experience was when she was in the second grade of middle school. 토토사이트추천

On 11 April 2019, she announced her retirement. The retirement period will be in December of the same year.

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