Shohei Otani, Spike Spikes, Continues of Trials

Shohei Otani, Spike Spikes, Continues of Trials

Shohei Otani

Los Angeles Angels Otani Shohei almost suffered a major injury.

Otani was stepped on by opposing starter Marco Gonzalez in an away game against the Seattle Mariners at T Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, on the 8th (Korea Standard Time).

The situation was like this. An attack in the top of the third inning when the Angels were trailing 0-1. Second baseman Phil Gosselin was tagged out while digging into the home when Taylor Ward hit left-center with one out and second base. However, Otani, who was at bat in the waiting room, limped his left leg and suffered. As soon as Gonzalez hit Ward’s ball, he stepped back looking at the defense to back up the home plate and stepped on Otani’s foot.

In the Angels dugout, the trainer rushed out and looked at Otani’s condition. Otani then limped along and immediately stood at bat. It was judged that it was not a major injury. Angels acting coach Phil Nevin said after the game, “There is a small spike mark on the back of the foot, and it’s okay.”

Gonzalez said after the game, “The situation was bad. “I stepped on his foot, but fortunately, my ankle didn’t break, so I was able to keep throwing,” he explained. Gonzalez also fell after hitting Otani, and a trainer ran out of the Seattle dugout. The pain wasn’t that great. Gonzalez won his seventh win of the season with a quality start of eight hits and three runs in six innings.

In the at-bat, Otani struck out with a swing by Gonzalez’s cutter, but in the fifth at-bat, he hit the same cutter and recorded a hit toward the center fielder. one hit in four at-bats However, he was sluggish with two hits (0.125) and seven strikeouts in 16 at-bats in four consecutive away games against Seattle.

Otani has a lot of trials these days. Otani, who started the home game against the Oakland Athletics on the 4th, lost three hits in 5 innings to become a losing pitcher, and was also excluded from the attack due to his right arm muscle experience.

He is currently batting 0.253, 24 home runs, and 65 RBIs.24 home runs, and 65 RBIs. 안전놀이터

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