Umi Hinata 日向うみ a Japanese AV actress

Umi Hinata

Umi Hinata

Date of Birth: 1993-09-07
Height: 154 cm
Body size: B87 / W55 / H86
Cup Size: F Cup
Debut: Debut in July 2018

a Japanese AV actress She made her debut for Prestige in November 2011.

Umi Hinata face isn’t particularly pretty, but it’s not that unpopular.

From 2013, she debuted on HEYZO, a label specializing in old mothers, and worked as a nanny.

In Korea, a famous actor in a different sense was invited to visit Korea by Naver’s MoCafe, which became an article.

However, kindly, the reporter included the item number in the article, making them burst into laughter.

In Korea, where AV actors tend to be somewhat reluctant to visit Korea,
It’s not a top-notch actor, but there was an article about an actor who was slightly less recognized, so people’s reactions were consistent, “The reporter is a fan.”

The actor himself likes Korea, so there were many posts related to travel to Korea on her blog, but recently, it has become unaccessible.

In July 2018, she changed her name to Umi Hinata and returned. 안전놀이터

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