Vivizi Eunha, right-angled shoulder + collarbone line…

Vivizi Eunha, right-angled shoulder + collarbone line…Lovely face and unexpected body

Vivizi Eunha

Eunha, a member of the girl group Bibi, showed off her lovely beauty.

On the 2nd, Eunha uploaded a picture of how she has been doing in London with a message on her Instagram, “Pizza is in my stomach.”

Eunha visited London with Vivizi members for the concert schedule.

Vivizi Eunha

The right-angled shoulder, collarbone line, and clear features that reveal the bones are impressive.

Meanwhile, Bibi G was active on the cable channel Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2’, which recently ended.


It released its second mini-album “Summer Vibe” on the 6th of last month, and is set to hold a solo fan meeting on the 13th.

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