Yuzu Ogura 小倉ゆず a Japanese AV actress

Yuzu Ogura

Yuzu Ogura

Date of Birth: 1993-06-23
Height: 159 cm
Body size: B83 / W59 / H83
Cup Size: F Cup
Debut: Debut in October 2011

a Japanese AV actress She drew great attention when she debuted with a small waist, a big chest, and a decent mask.

In Japan, Yuzu Ogura was often told that She looked like Yoshie Takeuchi, an announcer.

In Korea, there are opinions that “Rainbow Gowoo” looks like us.

a figure that can only be seen in so-called comics Her debut is also early, but she is 18 years old in terms of profile age.

It has also gained huge popularity in Korea. She is now retired.

It appears to have an extreme M (majority.

Compared to the popularity of her career, she seems to have no intention of continuing in this industry.

There was no communication with fans through SNS, and it is quiet after retirement.

The fact that she appeared on the show at the recommendation of her boyfriend is a part that gains credibility.

She also worked at famous manufacturers such as Pristage and SOD, but appeared in various minor manufacturers’ works as a planning actor in the second half of her career. 토토추천

In terms of specs, she must have received an exclusive offer, but she did not. The parts that are lacking in many ways.

There are many hard works, including the concept of a toilet bowl, such as licking urine or eating saliva from homeless people.

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