Kershaw, one run in five innings against the No. 1 Mets…

Kershaw, one run in five innings against the No. 1 Mets…


Clayton Kershaw (34, Los Angeles Dodgers), who returned after about a month, showed off his robustness.

Kershaw started the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) New York Mets game at City Field in New York on the 1st and pitched well with one hit and one run in five innings.

Kershaw, who took the mound against the San Francisco Giants on the 5th of last month but voluntarily took the mound due to back pain while pitching, was later listed as injured and started rehabilitation.

And he played his first big league comeback match in 28 days.

Kershaw pitched well against the National League East No. 1 Mets.

He tied the Mets lineup with a salty pitching that allowed only one hit in five innings.

He lost his first run, giving up three walks in the first inning alone, but later found stability and completed his mission.

However, he did not become a winning pitcher.

Kershaw went down the mound with a 2-1 lead and met the winning pitcher requirements, but failed to build a multiplier as the bullpen set fire.

The Dodgers, who allowed two runs in the sixth inning and allowed a turnaround, allowed two runs in the seventh inning and were dragged 2-5.

He scored one run in the eighth inning and chased, but he knelt down 3-5 without scoring any more.

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