4 languages available IQ 148 group BTS RM

4 languages available IQ 148 group BTS RM


“Butter” contains BTS’s cute confession that will melt softly like butter and captivate you.

BTS plans to start with a de facto pre-released single and release a new album that includes Butter in June.

RM, a member of boy group BTS (BTS, RM Jin Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook), will start to stand alone in earnestly.

According to tvN’s entertainment program “Mysterious Human Miscellaneous Dictionary – Useful Job” on the 25th, RM will lead the program by hosting the show with film director Jang Hang-joon.

“Useless Confidence Job” is a trip to find myself who did not even know me by exploring all humans in the world from various perspectives.

It is a follow-up entertainment to tvN’s “Mysterious Miscellaneous Dictionary” and “A Dictionary of Crime Miscellaneous Studies that is useful if you know it.”

This season, we will deal with all humans in the world from different perspectives in various fields such as literature, physics, law medicine, and astronomy.

The stories of various people unfold, including interesting characters who cross imagination and reality, as well as our stories of wandering through life.

RM, who was put in as an MC, wore clothes that fit me perfectly.

Like the representative “brain sexy man” (a man with a sexy brain), he chose a clever way to stand alone. Brain sexy man refers to a man who combines intellectual charm and colorful speech.

RM can speak four languages freely, including English, Chinese, and Japanese. In particular, he drew attention by using his fluent English skills in various overseas schedules.

It is also known that RM has an IQ of 148.

In recognition of his clear brain, he was the original member of tvN’s knowledge and entertainment program “The Age of Brain Sexiness-Problematic Men” in 2015.

Meanwhile, BTS began individual activities ahead of his enlistment.

On the 17th, Big Hit Music, its agency, said, “The BTS has begun concrete preparations to fulfill its military service obligations.

“The BTS will focus on individual activities for the time being in line with each member’s military service implementation plan,” he said.

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