530 Twitter employees escaped…Musk visits…

530 Twitter employees escaped…Musk visits headquarters with a washbasin

Twitter employees Musk visits

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is reportedly in the final stages, and a large number of employees are reportedly leaving the company.

Business Insider reported on the 26th (local time) that 530 Twitter employees have left Twitter over the past 90 days, citing a report by the U.S. corporate think tank “Punk & Pinstrips.”

This is a 60% increase compared to the number of retirees in the previous quarter. In particular, a total of 50 people left the company this month alone, when the possibility of acquiring Musk increased.

More than 1,100 employees have left the company since Musk began acquiring Twitter shares in January.

According to the report, 30% of employees who left Twitter in the past 90 days have moved to Google and Meta. In addition, he moved to social media platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snap.

The departure of Twitter employees seems to be due to the long-running dispute over the acquisition of Musk and Twitter and job instability that will occur after the acquisition.

Earlier, the Washington Post (WP) reported that Musk plans to carry out massive layoffs if he takes over Twitter.

According to WP, Musk said in a document submitted to investors and others that he plans to reduce about 5,500 workers after acquiring Twitter. This is equivalent to 75% of the current 7,500 Twitter workforce.

Meanwhile, Musk posted a video on his Twitter account announcing his visit to San Francisco’s headquarters.

In the video, he showed the headquarters building with the Twitter company logo, and showed him moving with a sink. He wrote, “I’m entering the Twitter headquarters, and I’ll make everyone understand.”

Musk later expressed his feelings, saying, “I met a lot of good people at Twitter’s headquarters today.”

Musk also changed his Twitter personal profile to “Chief Twit” and added a Twitter headquarters to the location, hinting that he would soon finalize his Twitter acquisition deal and become the owner of the company.

Musk said in a post before his visit to the Twitter headquarters, “The beauty of Twitter is that it empowers civic journalism,” and stressed, “It can deliver news without prejudice from the existing media.”

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that Musk and Twitter’s lawyers are working on finalizing the contract with acquisition loan banks. “Twitter is expected to be under Musk’s ownership by 5 p.m. on the 28th in New York time.”

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