Aespa Winter Reveals Past Photos ‘Eyes’

Aespa Winter Reveals Past Photos ‘Eyes’

Aespa Winter

Winter, a member of the group Aespa, drew attention by releasing his past photos (overview).

On the 10th, Winter said on Bubble, a paid message service,

“My friend showed me an old picture. “I was in sixth grade,” he said, revealing his past photos to fans.

The released photo shows Winter’s past in pigtails written on February 2, 2013.

Winter, posing with her friend in a karaoke room, proved to be a natural beauty as she is no different from her current appearance.

Internet users who encountered this showed various reactions,

including “So cute and pretty,” “It seems to be no different from now,” “It’s obvious that you’ve been loved and raised,” and “It’s smart.”

Espa (Karina, Giselle, Ningning, Inter) made a successful debut with KBS2’s “Music Bank” on the 20th with “Black Mamba.”

In particular, as SM Entertainment’s first girl group in six years at the time of its debut,

Winter suffered from constant rumors due to the release of malicious past photos

of its chubby face and round nose, which are quite different from now.

Espa attended the 2023 S/S fashion show held at Paris Fashion Week in France on the 2nd as a brand ambassador.

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