Ahn Yu-jin survives the “be careful of belly fat look”…

Ahn Yu-jin survives the “be careful of belly fat look”…You don’t have any folded flesh?

Ahn Yu-jin

Ahn Yoo-jin (19), a member of girl group Ive, is armed with 200% charisma.

Ahn Yujin posted several photos on Instagram on the night of the 17th, writing, “The end of the day.”

It is a picture taken in the waiting room of a music show.

Ahn Yu-jin showed off her chic charisma with her colorful stage styling.

In particular, halter neck tops and strap-detailed pants that reveal a slim body are impressive.

Ahn Yujin perfectly digested it with a solid line and flat stomach without fat.

Meanwhile, Ahn Yoo-jin is an emerging entertainment powerhouse on producer Na Young-seok’s entertainment cable channel tvN’s “Ppyong Ppyong Global Arcade.”코인파워볼

Ive, which includes Ahn Yu-jin, has been active with her third single “After LIKE” released last month.

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