Aika Yumeno an unreal body that seems to exist only in cartoons

Aika Yumeno

Aika Yumeno

Date of birth: 1994-08-26
Height: 149 cm
Body size: B79 / W52 / H78
Cup size: H cup
Debut: Debut in May 2013

an unreal body that seems to exist only in cartoons

Although she is thin and has an ant waist, she boasts an unrealistic cartoon body called H-cup in her chest.

With her cute little figure, she has a curvy, glamorous figure, in contrast to the slander-like figure of the actors in general.

She is quite short at 149 centimeters, but her proportion is so good that it is hard to see that she is short when I see a picture of her standing alone.

Although it is cute, it tends to vary depending on the angle.

If you look at the picture that doesn’t come out well, you can see the square jaw, but the face is small, so it is covered.

In addition, there are some smile wrinkles, so it looks a little old, so the appearance is divided, but the body is generally well-received for its curved line with a full chest.

Especially when kissing a male actor, the S-line that runs from the shoulders and arms is artistic.

Gravia debuted in 2013, and S1 made its exclusive AV debut in the same year.

Aika Yumeno is in charge of S1’s body with Aoi.

Now that Akiho Yoshizawa has retired, she is the longest-serving actress in S1 but has relatively little outside activity compared to other S1 juniors.

It presents a real feeling of smoke in the dense water.

She is close to her AV actor and agency colleague, Saki Okuda.

a member of a tester

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