Automobile companies turn to energy businesses

Automobile companies turn to energy businesses


– Utilization of electric vehicle battery power, home and industrial facilities

There are many ways to make electricity. Various power generation methods are introduced and operated in each country and region, such as thermal power, nuclear power, hydro power, and renewable energy.

When the electricity generated in this way is put into a battery mounted on a car, it is primarily used as a power to move wheels.

It is a battery electric vehicle that is commonly referred to.

However, there is no law that electricity contained in batteries is limited to the use of wheel power.

If you connect a car battery to your home, you can use it to watch TV, run a refrigerator, and run a robot vacuum cleaner.

This is because the battery itself corresponds to a moving power storage device.

For this reason, the field that automobile companies are paying attention to is the wireless power transportation industry.

If electricity is needed, it can give electricity contained in the battery.

On the contrary, fixed buildings can also contain electricity made from solar power in automobile batteries.

Two-way chargers have already been developed, so commercialization is only a matter of time.

Tesla is ahead of the field.

Home batteries are being sold, and the electricity needed is made from sunlight and supplied first.

Tesla’s efforts to develop batteries rather than cars are ultimately for the electric energy business.

And recently, GM has also entered the energy business.

Silverado’s pick-up EV, which will be released next year, starts with a two-way charging function.

To this end, it first supplies home batteries and promotes separation of external power grids supplied through wires.

Then, each house was equipped with a power grid switch to change the power supply whenever necessary.

At this time, there are three main ways to store electricity in a home battery. First of all, it contains electricity generated by sunlight.

At the same time, if the power consumption is high, the existing external power is added to the home battery, but if it is insufficient, the electric vehicle battery will bring power.

Of course, the three electricity complex storage will be intelligently combined to suppress the use of existing power grids as much as possible.

If the power generation method is thermal power, the use of mixed electricity can reduce fossil fuel power generation to curb carbon emissions.

GM’s energy business doesn’t stop here.

It is also considering electricity production using hydrogen.

It decomposes water with electricity made from sunlight and stores hydrogen in a tank.

And it generates electricity by running fuel cells when necessary.

This means that it will enter the development sector as much as possible like Hyundai Motor.

The reason why automobile companies are interested in electricity is that it is not difficult to create “electric” energy.

In the meantime, power has been used in mass production and transmission methods for home and industrial use due to the steep increase in usage, but a small amount of electricity is reaching a level that can be used by making it yourself.

Based on this, the distribution of electricity is also showing a strong desire to gradually pursue independence away from state control.

In addition, considering that it is not easy to expand additional thermal power generation for increasing energy consumption, the willingness to maximize the value of electricity production and utilization is bound to increase.

In fact, GM’s target in the energy business is a stable supply of electrical energy in terms of home and commercial.

Investments such as replacing wires will inevitably follow in order for existing power grids to withstand power consumption that will increase due to the expansion of electric vehicles in the future.

However, using a battery electric car as a means of transporting power rather than replacing a costly wire can lower costs and distribute usage by moving the electric energy itself from time to time to time.

In fact, the fact that electricity comes into the transportation sector means that there are more opportunities to lead to many industrial transitions.

Energy also has no choice but to go through the ‘production-storage-distribution-use’ stage.

Here, it is inevitable that various operators appear at each stage and expectations for new energy.

This is also why the need for electric vehicles cannot be limited to movement.

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