Brooklyn Nets Beat Milwaukee to Win First Preseason

Brooklyn Nets Beat Milwaukee to Win First Preseason

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn took Milwaukee in a pre-season game.

The Brooklyn Nets won 107-97 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2022-2023 NBA preseason at the Milwaukee Faisub Forum on the 12th.

Brooklyn won its first preseason victory with the victory. Milwaukee, where losses are accumulating, has lost all five pre-season games.

Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant-Kairi Irving-Ben Simmons trio showed their power. Irving scored the most points in the team with 23 points, while Durant scored 19 points and 8 assists. Simmons showed off his charm with seven points, eight rebounds and 10 assists. Nicolas Claxton also did his part with 16 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 block shots.

Milwaukee, where Chris Middleton was absent, lost after Janis Antetokounmpo scored 24 points and 14 rebounds and Zuru Halladay scored 20 points and 6 rebounds.

The beginning of the game was tight. Brooklyn, where Claxton actively attacked, added Durant and Irving’s scores. Milwaukee also did not back down easily as Halladay operated its outer guns one after another.

It was Brooklyn that broke the balance. Brooklyn took the upper hand with Simmons, who led the bench units at the end of the quarter, showing his presence. Brooklyn, who supported Yutado Watanabe outside, finished the first quarter 33-25.

In the second quarter, however, Brooklyn faltered, allowing three-pointers to Marzon Beauchamp and Zevon Carter. Milwaukee, which gained momentum, pressured Brooklyn by adding Antetokounmpo to the score. Stalking, Brooklyn ran away with Cam Thomas turning off the urgent fire and Irving making a three-point shot. Brooklyn, who defended Milwaukee’s offensive well, finished the first half 59-51.

In the third quarter, Milwaukee started chasing again with three-point shots in a row. The chased Brooklyn kept the lead with goals from Claxton and Durant. Brooklyn, who rode the flow, tied Milwaukee scoreless for nearly four minutes to increase the gap.

Milwaukee fought back belatedly as Antetokounmpo scored a free throw. However, Brooklyn, which maintained a gap between Durant and Irving, finished the third quarter 92-75. 부산출장마사지

Milwaukee, which has become more likely to lose, cheered up based on Antetokounmpo’s performance in the fourth quarter. After Brooklyn took out a large number of key players, Brooke Lopez’s three-point shot also narrowed the gap to a single digit.

Brooklyn in crisis turned the tide by successfully defending. Brooklyn, who regained his pace, sealed the game with an all-up dunk by Diarran Sharp, who ran away by 11 points again. Milwaukee then gave Antetokounmpo and other key resources a break.

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