China’s Gilly Holding acquires a 7.6% stake in Aston Martin

China’s Gilly Holding acquires a 7.6% stake in Aston Martin

Aston Martin

On September 30, 2022, Gili Holding Group, the parent company of Gili Automotive Group in China,

It has acquired a 7.6 percent stake in AstonMartin Laganda of the United Kingdom, it said in an interview with the China Daily.

Daniel Donghui, CEO of Gilly Holding Group, said he could contribute to Aston Martin’s future success through well-established performance and technology, according to the media.

He also said that as Aston Martin continued to carry out strategies to achieve long-term, sustainable growth and profitability growth,

He added that he expects to explore potential opportunities for mutual cooperation.

In addition to its stake in AstonMartin, Gilly Holdings has Volvo as a subsidiary and shares in Daimler, Proton of Malaysia and Lotus of Britain.

AstonMartin is a British manufacturer of luxury handmade sports cars.

In 1913, Lionel Martin, along with Robert Bamford, founded the famous Hillclimb race, named after Aston Clinton Hillclimb and his name Lionel Martin.

The famous 007 series is known for its main character, James Bond’s car.

In particular, DB5 was a great success as a symbol of 007 and a synonym for cars in the movie, and a modified version of DB5, which appeared in Goldfinger, also appeared in Skyfall, making 007 fans excited.

According to one theory, while deciding to close the business, he received an order to make a Bond car from the 007 producer, and 007 Goldfinger succeeded in reviving it as it hit the jackpot.

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