DRX beat EDG and advanced to the semifinals

DRX beat EDG and advanced to the semifinals

DRX beat EDG

DRX came from behind to win against EDG.

DRX beat EDG 3-2 in the fourth round of the quarterfinals of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship (hereinafter referred to as the 2022 LOL World Cup) at the Madison Square Garden Hulu Theater in New York City on the 24th.
DRX’s choice to face defending champion EDG was Support Hymerdinger. In the first and second sets, DRX started the game using Support Hymerdinger. However, the first set was blocked by EDG’s support Soraka and did not have much fun, and he dedicated Nexus to EDG, which was centered on EDG’s well-grown mid-azir.

DRX vanned Soraka in the second set and chose Hi Muddinger again. However, losses accumulated as Hymerdinger collapsed one after another to EDG’s early champions. EDG, who chose the standard combination, bought time by growing its dealers in unfavorable situations, and built a dragon stack to prepare for the second half and prepare for a blow to DRX. DRX tried to wrap up the match with Baron Nashor. However, EDG’s defense and regeneration of the suppressor failed to achieve its goal, and EDG, who grew strength, finished the game by acquiring both the souls of Baron Nashor and the Elder Dragon.

In the third set, EDG used a tricky Hi-Murdinger as a van card, and DRX launched a counterattack with Kindred, the champion representing “mark” Hong Chang-hyun. EDG’s Jungle Graves played an active role, and EDG took the early flow. DRX built the dragon stack step by step and pushed for the second half. In the midst of strong pressure from EDG, DRX turned the tide with a great victory over EDG, which demolished its mid-suppressor tower. After the battle victory, the DRX, wearing a Baron buff, began to press hard against the opponent by removing the mid- and bottom suppressors, and succeeded in its first valuable victory after knocking down EDG’s champions in the central area battle.

In the fourth set, DRX once again overpowered EDG and put the game back to square one. EDG chose Leeshin and LeBlanc and took a strong line from the beginning of the game. However, DRX, which won a great victory in the battle after the appearance of the second messenger, took the lead in the game and gained momentum by acquiring the spirit of the magic engineering dragon. After catching LeBlanc in the central area, DRX secured the victory by wearing a Baron Buff, and advanced to the opponent’s main base as it was and demolished Nexus.

In the fifth set, DRX created a pleasant situation when Mid Silas succeeded in a solo kill against his opponent Akali, and EDG made up for the loss by Jungle Sejuani catching Viego with Jacks. DRX secured the victory with Silas at the center, who performed solo kills. EDG sought the second half with Appelios at the center, but DRX, who won the Dragon Battle, finished the game by removing EDG’s Nexus.

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