DRX wins and advances to the finals… Group C showdown

DRX wins and advances to the finals… Group C showdown with Log, TES, and GAM


DRX succeeded in going straight to the finals by winning the 2022 Roll World Championship (LOL World Cup) play-in group stage.

DRX played Game 5 of Group B of the 2022 LOL World Cup Play-in against the Mad Lions (MAD) on the 3rd.

On this day, DRX won a come-from-behind victory over MAD and won the first place in Group B with five wins, confirming that it would go straight to the finals.

DRX, which had been evaluated as having clear weaknesses before the play-in, won against its rival RNG and MAD, ending the undervaluation before that.

DRX, which has been assigned to Group C of the finals, will face Log, Top Esports (TES), and Gam e-Sports (GAM).

Rogue is a prestigious European team that has won its first European Professional League (LEC) title this season.

TES of the Chinese Professional League (LPL) lost in the final match against JDG after a full set match, but is considered a strong candidate for the championship.

GAM is a dark horse that boasts the most wins in the Vietnamese professional league (VCS) (7 times).

As a result, Group C is likely to lead TES, and the fight for second place among DRX, Rogue, and GAM is expected to be fierce.

However, TES is not a team without weaknesses. This is because One-Deal Commissioner Bo (Jackie Love) is exposing his unstable performance.

DRX needs to compensate for the team’s weaknesses revealed in the play-in stage during the preparation period that is just around the corner.

Kim Gun-woo (Jeka) and Kim Hyuk-kyu (Deft) showed off their outstanding performance, but Hwang Sung-hoon (Kinggen) and Hong Chang-hyun (Pyo Sik) showed signs of lethargy when they met strong opponents.

The final group stage will start on the 8th. 토토추천

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