In Shanghai, too, anti-Xi Jinping protests…

In Shanghai, too, anti-Xi Jinping protests…


Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on the 25th that anti-Xi Jinping protests are spreading in Shanghai,

the largest economic city after Beijing, with a “banner protest” against President Xi Jinping’s third consecutive term.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, two young women marched along Shanghai’s Xiangyang Beiru with banners on the night of the 23rd.

On the 23rd, President Xi Jinping confirmed his third consecutive term.

According to related videos spread on social media such as YouTube,

they marched while singing “International Songs (people’s songs that contain worker liberation and social equality).”

In particular, there were banners engraved with the phrase “I don’t want it, I want it” in their hands.

This seems to have followed a banner hung on the 3rd ring road in Haidian-gu, Beijing, on the 13th.

One Beijing banner read, “I want rice, not nucleic acid tests, I want freedom, not control, I want dignity,

I want reform, not cultural revolution, I want votes, not slaves, I want citizens.”

The other banner read, “No class, no work, no dismissal dictator, traitor Xi Jinping.” At that time, the protesters were known to be 48-year-old Peng Li-pa.

Chinese netizens are cheering for the Shanghai protests by posting comments such as “I pay tribute to the warriors who do not compromise in a humiliating society.”

In addition, graffiti protests have occurred, with the phrase “8964” found in toilets in various cities in China.

8964 refers to the Tiananmen incident that occurred on June 4, 1989, and is the word most wary of Chinese authorities.

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