Iori Kogawa Japanese AV actress and member of girl group

Iori Kogawa

Iori Kogawa

Date of birth: 1992-09-25
Height: 155 cm
Body size: B83 / W58 / H88
Cup size: C cup
Debut: Debut in November 2012

Japanese AV actress and member of girl group Ebisu ★ Mascots.

SOD’s No. 2 girl with attractive black hair

It features thick, long black hair, thick hair, and a large nose.

After attending an announcer’s school, he worked as an underground idol under the name of “Miho Muraki” around 2009.

There was a gap between the face at the time and now, so there was a rumor about plastic surgery, but when you remove your makeup, that face was originally right.

In 2012, he changed his name to “Miho Tanaka” and changed his name to “Kogawa Iori” to make his AV debut as an exclusive actor for SOD.

He debuted because he wanted to be an actor.

In the early days, she was a beautiful girl character, but now she is working as a sister.

Joined as a member of Ebisu Mascots in 2015.

He was once selected as the smartest member of the mascots.

2017 Scapa Adult Broadcasting Awards Saijo Award.

He has a steady personality and has a strong affection for SOD, so he wants to work as an SOD employee even after retirement.

Appeared on Meguri YouTube in 2019. 토토사이트

Along with Masami Ichikawa, it is called Daburibacombi.

Both have river in their names, so it means double river

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