JENNIE, Paris Fashion Week’s daily life ··· ‘Jung Ho-yeon

JENNIE, Paris Fashion Week’s daily life ··· ‘Jung Ho-yeon – Until Shin Hyun-


BLACKPINK member JENNIE has unveiled her Paris Fashion Week Vlog.

Recently, Jenny posted a video titled ‘CHANEL Fashion Show vlog’ on her official YouTube channel.

Jenny, who got on the plane to Paris on that day, pointed to model and actress Jung Ho-yeon, saying, “There is Ho-yeon behind her.

The next day after arriving at the Paris hotel, Jenny said, “I woke up and ordered breakfast. The sandwich didn’t come, so I was eating the soup first. “I suddenly thought of it, so I turned on the camera,” he said, showing a French fries mukbang. Jenny received a gift from luxury company C, where she is an ambassador, and was delighted, saying, “It contains a cute picnic bag.”

Jenny, who was on her way to prepare for the fashion show, said, “I’m not good at leaving a Vlog when I come to Fashion Week because I’m only here for the show for two days in a compact way, so I’m leaving a Vlog with a challenging spirit.”

Jenny, who visited the fashion show with a spectacular top star force, wrapped up her schedule with enthusiastic responses from fans.

Since then, Jenny has met model Shin Hyun-ji, who is her “best friend.” Jenny told Shin Hyun-ji, “We are mischievous today. I think I only see it in Paris. “But I’m glad to see you every time at Company C’s show,” he said. Afterwards, Jenny finished her Vlog in Paris with Shin Hyun-ji eating ice cream.

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