Kana Morisawa a Japanese AV actress who debuted in June 2013.

Kana Morisawa

Kana Morisawa

Date of birth: 1992-05-09
Height: 160 cm
body size: B82 / W60 / H86
Cup size: C cup
Debut: Debut in July 2012

She is a Japanese AV actress who debuted in June 2013.

It is characterized by a long chin.

In 2012, she filmed anhydrous crystal in Tokyo Hot under the name Fujiwara Ryoko.

She later changed her name to Kanako Iioka and debuted as an official AV actor.

Since she changed his name to Kana Morisawa, she has not recorded anhydrous crystal.

a member of Tea Wars

Originally, external activities were NG, but since opening Twitter in 2019, communication with fans has been increasing.

Currently active in 2021. Youtube channel

On July 13, 2012, she debuted as Kanako Iioka.

In 2015, she ranked 10th in the DMM annual AV actress rankings.

In the same year, she moved to the office and began releasing her work in the name of Kana Morisawa in February 2016.

Twitter started in May 2019, 토토사이트

Until then, she did not do SNS, which was a mystery to fans.

Recently, fan-participating events have been actively held.

Twycass has recruited a generic name for fans and is named ‘Gananiz’ after discussion.

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