Kia, “The 2023 K9″…What’s the difference?

Kia, “The 2023 K9″…What’s the difference?


Kia announced on the 5th that it will release the flagship sedan K9’s model ‘The 2023 K9’ and start selling it from the 6th.

The 2023 K9 features a new specification that strengthens a high-end feeling and enhances its marketability by adding customer preference functions to some optional packages.

The K9 has applied a new metal pedal and an antibacterial treatment high-performance combination filter to all trims that more effectively filter fine dust and germs inside and outside the vehicle.

The “Best Selection I” package, which combines popular items, added a 12.3-inch Supervision cluster preferred by customers to enhance high-end sensitivity.

It also consists of ▲ Monitoring Pack ▲ Comfort Pack ▲ 19-inch Wheel & Tire ▲ Head-Up Display ▲ AWD, including the newly added 12.3-inch Supervision Cluster. It is available on the platinum trim of the 3.8 gasoline and 3.3 gasoline turbo models.

Kia will also operate a new indoor and outdoor vehicle protection film package that protects vehicles from scratches as a customized product.

When selecting the package, protective film is attached to the vehicle’s ▲ front bumper side and bottom ▲ rear bumper side and top ▲ side mirror ▲ door step ▲ front and rear door center and interior display.

A Kia official said, “The 2023 K9 has further enhanced the dignity of the authentic flagship sedan with its more luxurious commercial quality,” adding, “We will further enhance customer satisfaction through elegant membership services and marketing activities suitable for the leader’s car.”

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