MAMAMOO Solar boldly wears retro fashion…

MAMAMOO Solar boldly wears retro fashion…


MAMAMOO Solar showed off her hip fashion.

Solar posted “123” and a photo on her Instagram on the afternoon of the 25th.

The photo shows him showing hot pink cropped tee and denim miniskirt fashion.

Retro-styled Solar showed off her bold charm with a chic pose.

In addition, he showed off his superior proportion with his small face and long legs.

Solar also showed off her lean ant waist and strong honey thighs.

In another photo, he was seen showing off his girl-crush charm.

Solar, who showed fatal eyes, showed off her swag-filled and hip charm with a confident pose, causing a heart attack.

She is the leader and vocalist of South Korea’s four-member girl group MAMAMOO.

Recently, she is also working as a musical actress.

A member who has a pretty face can’t sing Or he is the owner of a vocalist who changed the prejudice that ugly people are talented.

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