McLaren unveils new collaboration product with Toomey

McLaren unveils new collaboration product with Toomey

McLaren unveils

Travel and lifestyle brand Toomey has been introducing collaboration products with McLaren for a long time.

You can see a variety of bags and accessory products using brand images, including Papaya Orange color representing McLaren and carbon fiber patterns symbolizing lightweight technology.

And recently McLaren and Toomey introduced a new collaboration collection.

The product consists of four types: Aero International Expandable Carion, Velocity Backpack, Talk Sling Bag, and Quintam Duffle Bag.

All products are lighter and more durable than the previous collection.

This is the result of combining “CX6,” a carbon fiber material exclusively supplied to Toomee products, with a lightweight technology that McLaren has developed for a long time.

The CX6, which has undergone a high-density weaving process, is excellent for wear such as contamination and scratches, so it can be used comfortably in daily life as well as travel and long-distance travel.

In addition, the travel backpack and Carion have USB charging ports to charge electronic devices while on the move and boast efficient storage space.

In addition, each bag, such as a backpack, a carryon, and a sling bag, is applied inspired by the aerodynamic design of the McLaren supercar, so you can feel the emotions of McLaren.

This collaboration product will be sold at Toomee Online Mall and Toomee official stores.

The domestic launch price ranges from 1.39 million won (torque sling) to 3.29 million won (Aero International Expansion Carion) for each product.

Meanwhile, McLaren has continued to collaborate with various category brands, including unveiling GT Art Car with designer Kim Ri-eul in September.

McLaren unveils

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