Miho Tono 通野未帆 Japanese AV actress

Miho Tono

Miho Tono

Another name: #Kobayashi Senri(小林千里) #Sawaguchi Miho(澤口美帆) #Tono Miho(遠野美帆/遠野みほ)
#Tsunoda Kaho(角田夏帆) #Matsushima Nana(松嶋奈々) #Fujimori Ayano(藤森彩乃) #Tono Miho(通野未帆/遠野美帆)
Date of birth: 1991-01-21
Height: 160 cm
Body size: B87 / W59 / H85
Cup size: E cup
Debut: Debut in September 2013

Japanese AV actress

She is an AV actor who debuted in 2013.

It is popular with Korean AV fans because of its Korean face, long legs, and pretty.

There is a tear mole under the right eye.

In July 2014, she competed in the Sexy Actress category in the Zero: Place of Swear, along with the dragon developed by Sega.

Miho Tono hobby is playing games and she favorite food is black tea.

By the way,she’s a smoker. 파워볼사이트

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