Misato Nonomiya 野々宮みさと Japanese AV actress.

Misato Nonomiya

Misato Nonomiya

Date of birth: 1992-12-14
Height: 160 cm
body size: B90 / W60 / H88
Cup size: F cup
Debut: Debut in November 2012

Japanese AV actress.

In 2012, he debuted under the name of Satomi Nomiya from AV maker Kawaii.

However, when she moved her agency, she was not allowed to use the name Satomi Nomiya, so she is currently working as Misato Nonomiya.

There have been many changes in her body shape since her debut in 2012, with a chest size of 86 to 90 and a waist size of 57 to 60.

Although she was a Yukdeok type with a variation in appearance and flesh, she has slimmed down compared to her debut period due to body care and weight control since 2017, and is showing a much different appearance from her debut. In 2019, she is making many appearances in group works.

Acting skills show a wide range of performances, including students, married women, and the acting of being beaten by a chitchat, and they have a habit of turning their eyes while closing their eyes when they are excited.

She also appeared in a wide variety of works, including black, tentacles, lesbian, Gyaru, dental girl, and group.

One of the peculiarities of the body is that she has a very long tongue, so she has licked a male actor or filmed a work with her tongue as a point.

There are many reviews that the chest is quite glamorous and the shape is pretty, and the wide pelvis is the attractive point.

Twitter activities are active. 안전놀이터

She has been appearing on GIGA’s special shooting AV since mid-2017.

Among the actors on the label, she has a high level and her acting skills are better than expected, so she shows a work that can be found at least once if it is her taste in special shooting AV.

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