Putin finalizes annexation of Ukraine’s occupied territories

Putin finalizes annexation of Ukraine’s occupied territories


Russian President Putin finally signed a law on the merger of four occupied territories in Ukraine on the 5th local time.

Reuters reported that Putin completed the process of annexing the occupied territories by signing laws related to mergers in four regions,

Donetsk, Lugansk, Herson and Zaporiza, sent by the Russian parliament.

Earlier, the day before the signing, the legal process had been carried out in a swift manner,

with the Russian Senate unanimously ratifying the annexation treaty of these occupied territories.

However, Ukraine continues its territorial restoration offensive without acknowledging the merger,

and the West has also defined the merger as a violation of international law, providing weapons aid to Ukraine and imposing additional sanctions on Russia.

Russia’s position is that it can use nuclear weapons to defend itself as the annexed occupied territory is its territory,

but the U.S. and the West have said they will respond firmly to the use of nuclear weapons. 토토사이트

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