Rio Ogawa 緒川りお Former Japanese AV actress.

Rio Ogawa

Rio Ogawa

Date of birth: 1993-03-15
Height: 155 cm
body size: B86 / W58 / H83
Cup size: ? The cup
Debut: Debut in February 2013

Former Japanese AV actress.

An actress from Aomori Prefecture, Japan.

Rio Ogawa made her debut with S1 in 2013.

continue one’s S1 career for three years

Through Attackers and Kawai, she worked as a Kikatan and appeared in various projects.

In September 2017, she retired after releasing her retirement work in Kawai.

Her hobbies are shopping and karaoke.

She dislikes the Kimoman concept very much, but the Kimomen series has been released every time, and the Kimoman series occupies the top spot of her popular work.

Her specialty is kikijozu.

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