Shunka Ayami Sexy body that everyone likes. In reality, a shy personally

Shunka Ayami

Shunka Ayami

Date of birth: 1993-08-15
Height: 154 cm
Body size: B85 / W58 / H83
Cup size: D cup
Debut: Debut in August 2012

Sexy body that everyone likes. In reality, a shy personally

Brilliant figure who won the DMM Adult Award for Best Actress.

A great actor with a god-given body and additional cuteness.

Along with Airi Suzumura, She was one of the two signboards for Prestige, but moved to S1 and recently retired.

Her real personality is close to Hikikomori, so she is very shy.

Although there are different likes and dislikes due to eye plastic surgery, there are few dislikes as much as the body.

1st overall sales ranking for DMM in 2013. Max Japan → Mainz. Moribayashi Kenjin said this about her.

“The chest that does not lose its firmness even after years is attractive.

She looks tall because she has a small face, but she’s actually quite small, and when she’s hugged, she feels incredibly nice.”

In March 2018, ABP-706 was the last to leave Prestige. The next destination was known as S1, as many expected.

Shunka Ayami moved to S1 in April 2018.

In June 2018, an unmodified video was unintentionally leaked due to the leakage of the original video due to the hacking of the Prestige by a Chinese hacker.

Shunka Ayami cried for hours when her Twitter account’s uncensored video was leaked.

On July 7, 2018, a Korean fan meeting was held in Hongdae at the invitation of an African BJ.

In late November, she visited Korea with Amatsuka Moe and Kojima Minami for a broadcast.

On December 31, she announced on Twitter that she would only be active and retired until March 31, 2019.

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