Taiwan Defense Minister said, “If a Chinese…

Taiwan Defense Minister said, “If a Chinese drone breaks into airspace, it is considered a preemptive attack.”


Taiwan’s Defense Minister (Minister) said that if a Chinese military aircraft or drone enters Taiwan’s airspace, it will be considered a preemptive strike.

According to major foreign media on the 5th, Taiwan’s Defense Minister Chu Kuo-jung replied, “Yes,” to the question of whether a military aircraft enters Taiwan’s airspace at a legislature equivalent to the Taiwanese National Assembly equivalent to Taiwan’s National Assembly.

“In the past, (Taiwan) said they would not launch a preemptive strike,” Choo said, adding, “It means they will not attack unless they (China) fire guns or missiles first.”

“But now China has changed its pattern clearly by using the same means as drones,” Choo said. “Accordingly, we have set up a response policy and will consider it a preemptive strike if it comes over any aircraft or ship.”

China considers Taiwan a part of its territory according to the principle of ‘one China’.

However, warships and military aircraft have not yet been dispatched within the territorial and airspace lines (12 nautical miles) claimed by Taiwan.

Since U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August, China has also staged an armed protest to send military aircraft and warships across the Taiwan Strait at all times. 부산출장마사지

At that time, Tawan said, “There has never been a Chinese warship approaching the territorial waters.”

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