Why is Volvo recognized by Korean consumers?

Why is Volvo recognized by Korean consumers?


Volvo’s momentum stands out. Volvo Tea has been criticized for its weak position as a premium brand until just a few years ago. It was considered only a brand that seemed to exist but didn’t exist.

It is said that Volvo has now transformed into a leading group that proudly leads the domestic imported car market. What is the background of the atmosphere in which Korean automobile consumers trust, acknowledge, and try to buy Volvo cars?

Volvo sold a total of 9,437 units in the Korean market in the first nine months of this year. Given that the supply and demand of parts is difficult due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, and that the domestic imported car market is suffering due to a lack of supply of semiconductors for vehicles, Volvo’s rise is noticeable.

Volvo recorded sales of 15,000 units in the Korean market last year, and if this trend continues, it is analyzed that sales above last year will be achieved this year without difficulty.

In this background, the fact that Volvo brand’s unique differentiated after-sales service (AS) is continuously being implemented is the first. It is a story that has realized customer satisfaction. It provides a five-year, 100,000-kilometer warranty, and parts are provided free of charge for life.

In the middle of the work time, I even send pictures to waiting customers through Kakao Talk. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the repair of non-face-to-face vehicles through online reservations takes the same process. Among domestic and imported car brands, Volvo is the key to topping the AS category.

This is in accordance with Volvo Korea President Lee Yoon-mo’s management philosophy, which put forward the service spirit of “not to waste customer’s time. For reference, he was also selected as the “2022 Person of the Year” by the Korea Automobile Journalists Association.

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