Yui Kasugano 春日野結衣 Japanese AV actress.

Yui Kasugano

Yui Kasugano

Date of birth: 1993-10-11
Height: 150 cm
Body Size: B80 / W58 / H87
Cup size: C cup
Debut: Debut in March 2012

Japanese AV actress.

Libra, the year of the rooster

The agency GREEN

Yui Kasugano has a short slender body of 149 centimeters and has an appropriate acting ability on her face with colorful eyes.

In terms of the above specifications, you may be considered an ordinary old actress,

but it is highly praised for the outstanding beauty of a specific body part that can be recognized as a top. 안전놀이터

If modern civilization was a culture that hides its face and reveals its genitals, it would have been considered a beauty of the century.

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