Yuki Jin 神ユキ Japanese AV actress, gravure idol.

Yuki Jin

Yuki Jin

Date of birth: 1987-01-11
Height: 163 cm
Body size: B83 / W58 / H84
Cup size: D cup
Debut: Debut in May, 2010

Japanese AV actress, gravure idol.

At first, she began to make her name known as a model.

And in 2008, she also worked as a race queen.

In 2009, she was selected as the image girl “Corner Don” of the Kindako Highball Bar.

Yuki Jin later became a gravure idol.

In fact, she worked in an establishment before she AV debut.

She made her debut in the AV industry in 2010.

Although it is not a popular actor because it is an ambiguous mask to say that it is pretty, it is an actor with a lot of mania with its unique rich lower body, pelvis, and buttocks.

The chest is about d-cup, but it seems to have been molded.

The representative work is also MILLE-005. It maximizes the emphasis on the buttocks, which is the biggest advantage of Yuki Jin, and it is often seen in short clips in the community.

During the double eyelid surgery in 2019, there was a war of words between fans who said the fandom was better with no double eyelid in the past and fans who said it was better now.

She’s bisexual, she says.

She seems to travel well alone when she watches her YouTube.

She seems to exercise hard and care a lot about her health.

She was infected with COVID-19 in 2021.

Fortunately, it was not severe, but completely cured and returned to AV in November 2021.

As of 2022, she is working for a Derry company in Shinjuku.

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