An Tsujimoto 辻本杏 debuted as a gravure idol in 2012

An Tsujimoto

An Tsujimoto

Date of birth: 1993-12-13
Height: 155 cm
body size: B82 / W57 / H80
Cup size: C cup
Debut: Debut in January 2013

Japanese AV actress.

An Tsujimoto debuted as a gravure idol in 2012 and as an AV actress in March 2014 as teamZERO’s exclusive actress.

An Tsujimoto has a slender line, a solid abs body, and a cute frog-like appearance, which is not bad for Jiwon, but is a genuine hikikomori.

She is a unique character who openly says she hates people and avoids the camera because she doesn’t have to come out from the first introduction of Mascato Night, and is an actress with a unique Hikikomori character that has never been seen in AV history. The annual retirement declaration is a bonus.

She joined Ebis★ Mascots on September 24, 2015.

She also created a corner called Tsujimoto’s Love Locker Room by taking advantage of a character who openly says, “I don’t want to do it when the camera comes to Hikikkomori.”

At that time, she took advantage of the image of “Don’t worry about me, adult” and played a role as a Tsukomi character who jumped out at an ambiguous timing from the middle and bet on Tsukomi.

She was also in charge of her first shouting part at the center for her first full-length album, “Baccaro.”

Graduated with Rui Hasegawa in June 2017.

Her management also supported her as a character, so she stopped her, but she left when she said she was retiring.

On August 21, 2016, she announced this area to S1 to S1 in his blog, and released the S1 transfer exclusive work in November 2016.

She recruited a large number of the collapsing label’s flagship ace and famous Kikatan, calling it a galactico in the AV world, but most actors announced retirement or relocation, while her cool image and dense directing of S1 increased her popularity.

However, since June 2018, the declaration declaration of retirement declaration is a little different, but it’s not really cool.

It seems that her manager stopped her, but she said she wouldn’t.

In particular, because of AV actors are managed as idol classified as idol class, so it is prohibited to try to dye their hair color or hair color.

Although the name of S1’s work name in September, fans are still coming up in the future, the fans are anxious to be unclear.

She eventually formally announced her retirement on 19 July 2018

It is said that Shin works with the last retirement event, which was known as a retirement event.

The retirement small comment series released on August 19th.

The last retirement event in the last retirement event on September 1st.

On September 3, he left the last greeting fans on September 3.

After the end of September 2018, the official AV activities were asked for fans until the end of September 30, 2018.

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