‘Brown 36 points’ Boston wins Washington without Tatum

‘Brown 36 points’ Boston wins Washington without Tatum


The Boston Celtics (hereinafter referred to as Boston) caught the Washington Wizards (hereinafter referred to as Washington) after the performance of Jaelen Brown (25).

Boston beat Washington in the NBA’s 22-23 regular league game at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, on the morning of the 28th (Korea Standard Time). With three consecutive wins, Boston ranked first in the Eastern Conference with 16 wins (4 losses) this season.

Boston, where Jason Tatum was absent, showed good performance with Brown scoring 36 points and 5 rebounds, Malcolm Brockdon scoring 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists, and Marcus Smart scoring 14 points and 7 assists. Washington fought hard with Bradley Bill scoring 30 points and Christops Porzingis scoring 21 points.

The game continued to lead Boston. Boston did not have much effect in the main lineup without Tatum, but rather beat Washington with an overwhelming bench score. In particular, Luke Cornet scored and blocked consecutively as soon as he was put in, and Brockdon brought the atmosphere to Boston with a three-point shot. Boston gained Brockdon’s seven points in the first quarter with a 35-26, nine-point lead.

Boston’s bench players didn’t stop in the second quarter. As soon as the quarter began, Boston produced a run-away score, starting with Peyton Pritchard’s three-point shot, followed by Grand Williams and Sam Hauser’s three-point shot. Washington was followed by Monte Morris’s hard fight, but Boston’s main players broke this trend. In particular, as Brown and Horford produced points, Boston finished ahead of the first half by 72-55 and 17 points.

Even in the third quarter, Boston’s main players maintained a score of around 15 points before the bench players were mixed. Brockdon was more brilliant than them in the section with the main players. Boston faced the fourth quarter with a gap of 113-88, 25 points over Washington, where only Bill and Porzingis were struggling with even scores from the players.

Washington began to counterattack in the fourth quarter. In particular, Taj Gibson attacked Luke Connet, who was active, with defense, making Boston no longer available. Washington also managed to narrow the score to 17 points by hitting the paint zone to Anthony Gill. In addition, Washington continued to produce points that were followed by Morris’ three-point shot and Daniel Gafford. 사설토토

In Boston, Derek White succeeded in making important three-point shots and steals with all the scores narrowed, which Brown connected with an Andrew play and a solo goal. Washington called Bill and Porzingis to the bench around the second minute of the end when the narrowed score widened again. Boston also eliminated all the players and beat Washington by nine points, 130-121.

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